Our goal

Determines bee colonies behaviour by their creating sound.

Beegnostic app wallpaper

About Beegnostic

How to use it

Three simple steps

bee microphone

#1 Insert Microphone

Simply insert omnidirectional microphone
in bee hive and plug it in your smartphone


#2 Open App

Now Open Beegnostic app,
press diagnostic button and wait for results

bee data analyser

#3 View Results

That's it, view the results
or if you want to look at it later save it
or just upload it to our Cloud


Our app measure these parameters:

Bee left

Prediction of swarming in bee colony


Aggression of bee colony
(Blocked in Demo version)

Bee right

Efficiency of bee colony
(Blocked in Demo version)

Bee left

Ventilation of bee hive
(Blocked in Demo version)


(Blocked in Demo version)


That's it, have an Idea
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Recommended equipment for Beegnostic app

Recommended equipment for Beegnostic app:

  • Omnidirectional microphone ( minimum 70 - 3 000 Hz );
  • Microphone amplifier ( same as microphone 70 - 3 000 Hz, gain > 10 );
  • Power source for amplifier ( Power bank, min 2 000 mAh );
  • Adapter TRS Female to TRRS Male for connnecting microphone amplifier to smartphone;
  • Smartphone with Android 3.0 or higher;
  • History of Beegnostic:

    Project was started in 2014.

    Since 2014 made a lot of experiments with this app, to make it better

    Used equipment in during experiment

    Used equipment during experiment

    New version of the project in 2017 was presented in the EUCYS (European Union Contest For Young Scientists), National stage in Lithuania and won the first place ( Gold medal).

    The project was presented in the EUCYS 2017 Tallinn ( Final stage) and won the FoodDrinkEurope bioeconomy prize for the best project in the field of agri food at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists.

    EUCYS 17 Tallinn FoodDrinkEurope prize

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